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NAGA Initial Donors

As of October 4th, 2006

Wang Fei

Fred Pohlmann

Julian Joseph

Li Xiangting Wenyu Jiang Jim Binkley
Pat Wong Lindy Li Mark Sanford Tom & Jane Tom

Monique Kuo

Weiran Zhao



A suggested minimum of $100 each donation we can put you as NAGA's initial donator and list your name on the website. Please click the button to process the donation online.



Think of this donation as a contribution towards establishing NAGA as a pre-eminent vehicle in the West that will foster an awareness and appreciation of those aspects of Chinese culture that have already captivated our attention and our hearts.

If you have any friends who you think are interested in supporting the art of the guqin or NAGA, please forward this page to them.

Thank you for considering becoming an initial donor to NAGA.


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