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403004c Live Concert of Pipa Master Lin Shicheng in Celebration of his 66 years' art life
Lin Shicheng, Liu Dehai etc top ten living pipa players 2VCD
$21.95 *****New Arrivals!!!!
402034c Pipa video show by Zhang Qiang

Zhang Qiang
Prof. of Central Conservatory of music


$11.95 ****

Pipa video show by Ren Hong


Ren Hong
Lecture at China Conservatory of Music


$11.95 ****
402050t Rapid Course in Pipa Playing
(Book and Audio CD demo)

Wu Qiong

Book&CD $24.99 ****
402016t Zhang Tie Pipa Music solos

Zhang Tie 1CD $11.95 ****
402027c Chinese Musical Instrument Ensemble- Pipa Traditional Masterpieces Various 1 CD $11.95 ****

Chinese Instrument Ensemble- Pipa Contemporary Masterpieces

Various 1 CD $11.95 ****
403015d Pipa Masters Li Dehai, Wang Fandi etc. 1CD $11.99 *****New Arrivals!!!!

10 gold pipa pieces collection


Various 1 CD $11.95 ****
402017c Ten Chinese Pipa Classics Various 1CD $11.95 ****
402022c Chinese Instrument Ensemble-Liu Qin Various 1CD $11.95 *****
402022c Pipa music by Master Lin Shi Cheng Lin Shicheng 1CD $11.95 *****New Arrivals!!!!
402015t Liu Dehai Pipa Music solos Liu Dehai 1CD $11.95

*****New Arrivals!!!!
402020t Pipa 30 Courses (137 pages)

Lin Shicheng

Book $19.99 ****

Chinese Music for Pipa

52 pieces of different Pipa schools; Lin Shicheng, Yang Dajun, Wei Zhongle, Fang Shaoyue etc. playing version
384 pages

Shanghai Music Publishing House Sheet Music Book $34.99 *****New Arrivals!!!!

Graded examination pieces for the Chinese pipa 212 pages

Shanghai Publishing House Sheet Music Book $29.99 ****New Arrivals!!!!
402021t Collected Pipa pieces(1949-1979) Various Sheet Music Book $14.99 ****
403023t A collection of Wang Huei Ran's Liu Qin music Wang Huiran Sheet Music Book $24.99 *****New Arrivals!!!!

All the books are in simplified Chinese. VCD was taught in Mandarin.

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Notes: VCDs can display in VCD players, computer DVD rom and DVD Player compatible with VCD fuction.

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