Elegant qin gathering invitation

August 7th 2005


Dear Qin Friends:


Summer is here. Would you like to enjoy guqin music in a natural environment?


The North American Guqin Association (NAGA) invites you to a special guqin yaji (elegant qin gathering) on Sunday, August 7th at 2:00pm. Qin players from different countries and different states will attend. You can play qin, chat about qin, meet qin friends face to face instead of online, listen to qin music by different players, probably from different teachers or schools, play instruments made by various qin makers, and exchange information on qin. The venue will be the Japanese Garden at Hayward, CA.


The Japanese Garden is a peaceful and beautiful oasis where we can enjoy the summer among elegantly shaped trees and a carp-filled pool into which a waterfall flows. There are several shady pavilions, in which people will set up their instruments and play.


Our NAGA guqin introduction class will start very soon. If there are any new qin friends who want to know more about the guqin or about the group lessons, or who would like to meet qin friends or a teacher, you are most welcome to join us. Please see details of the classes at http://www.chineseculture.net/guqin/newsletters/grouplesson.htm


Summer is the traveling season. I am sure a lot of qin friends have just come back from other countries or states or are about to go to other countries or states. Lets get together to meet new friends and say farewell to old qin friends. (For example, NAGA member Alice Tan will leave for another state for a new life at law school.)


The qin gathering is open to anyone interested in guqin music. Players of other instruments are especially welcome. We can do some experimentation and enjoy the summer together.


Since space is limited, please reserve your place and tell us which pieces you intend to play at http://www.chineseculture.net/guqin/byajilist.html.This event is open to the public.


Time:  2:00pm, Sunday, August 7th

Place: Japanese Garden,

City Center Drive

HaywardCA 94541


            Please click here for directions

If you have any question or having problem find the place, please call David Wong at  415-601-3878


If you would like to find out more about the guqin, or hear guqin music online, please visit the North American Guqin Association web site at www.guqin.org or send email to info@guqin.org.



Wang Fei


North American Guqin Association


Email: info@guqin.org