Tang Ren Shi Yi
Collection of Extemporizing Works of Qin and Xiao
CD+book(English and Chinese) $22.50
By Li Xiangting


The first collection of improvisation performances on Chinese instruments, Li Xiangting's "Tangren Shiyi" ("Collection of Extemporizing Works of Qin and Xiao")

This CD contains 10 improvisations for qin and xiao. They are all based on themes suggested by lines from famous poems of the Tang Dynasty.

Date: July, 2002

Track: 10 tracks

Length: 71:20



Page: 63

Size:9.5x5.5 inch

Language: Chinese and English

Content: The book that it accompanies is beautifully produced, and contains Professor Li's very important paper on the art of improvisation on the qin. It is illustrated with Professor Li's paintings

Design:Traditional Chinese Bindings





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