NAGA New Silk String

We are the only supplier that carries these exciting new silk strings, developed by NAGA and its associates

• The sound quality is as good as that of silk strings made before and during the 1950s, which you hear on old recordings.

• These strings are as smooth and loud as top professional steel/nylon strings. You can play them as long as you like and they will not cause any pain in your fingers.

• The sound is the pure and clear sound of silk and there is almost no fingering noise.

• The yingtou (knots) are already neatly tied, so you do not have to tie them yourself.

• The strings are very long-lasting, strong, and stable, and can be easily be tuned to standard pitch without breaking.

However it can fit all type of guqins and made by any makers, we recommend these for NAGA supervised models (gq01071 and gq03090) made by Golden Award winning qin maker Zhang Yuxin, and for qins made by Zeng Chengwei for NAGA, for which they were originally designed and tested.

NAGA new silk string 2008
$99.99 a set

UK enquiries

NAGA new silk string 2009 (pre-stretched)
$119.99 a set

UK enquiries

New features for 2009

• The strings are pre-stretched on our qins for several weeks, so they are more stable and easier to mount and tune to standard tuning. Because silk strings usually stretch a lot, they normally need to be mounted, taken off and re-mounted 2-4 times in the first month. The 2009 strings only need to be mounted once.

Note: because these strings have been pre-stretched, they look as if they have been used. This is not a fault.

• The 2009 strings are more subtle and smoother than the 2008 version.

Since our strings were initially produced mainly for a small circle of NAGA members, only a limited number of sets is produced each time. There is already a waiting list, so to avoid disappointment please order without delay.



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