(Chinese Harp)

The Konghou is an ancient Chinese, plucked string instrument. It is not of Chinese origin, but was introduced to China from the West during the Han Dynasty about 2,000 years ago. According to historical records, it was divided into the horizontal konghou and the vertical konghou because of difference in shape. The konghou became popular during the Han, Sui and Tang Dynasties when playing techniques became highly sophisticated. During the past hundred years, however, this ancient musical instrument became virtually extinct. A group of music scholars and instrument craftsmen researched various historical documents, and in 1980, a new type of konghou was born.

Each string is supported by its own bridge. Thus the player is able to bend the strings to create beautiful vibrato effects.

The konghou is rarely seen on the market. Our konghou is based on a patent by the best konghou master Cui Junzhi.

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