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We are starting another pre-order. The deadline is Sept. 30th , 2011. We have added further instruments to our range (konghou, yangqin, ruan etc.) and increased our range of guqin, guzheng, erhu and wind instruments for this pre-order program.

You can still buy at wholesale prices. Please visit our music store at http://www.beijingers.com. If you are seriously looking for a good quality, affordable instrument and not one sold to tourists for decoration, you have come to the right place. Chinese Culture Net is a specialist in Chinese musical instruments and related products.

Our products have become the instruments of choice for concert performances for many professional players, students, educators and music suppliers.

Please note: because we have already placed our import orders with the makers, there is a limited quantity of each type of instrument available for pre-order. Please order as soon as possible. If the item you require is out of stock, we will inform you and refund your money within 24 hours.

Pre-order is available for all models of guqin, guzheng, erhu, pipa, dizi, xiao, bawu, yangqin and konghou etc. Please visit our web site or email sales@chineseculture.net for more information and pre-order. If you want to pre-order other Chinese musical instruments that are not on our web site, please email your requirements to us. We will try our best to satisfy your needs.

What Chinese musical instruments do you carry for pre-order?

Chinese musical instruments offered by the Chinese Culture Net site currently focus solely on guqin, guzheng, erhu, pipa, dizi, xiao,konghou etc. If the instrument you are looking for is not listed here, If you want to pre-order other Chinese musical instruments that are not on our web site, please email your requirements to us. We will try our best to fulfil your needs. Please note: many models of those instruments only available for pre-order and won't list on our regular sell. please email us before Dec. 26, and we will pre-order it for you.


For musical instruments that we sell regularly on our web site the extended deadline is Dec. 26. There may be a different deadline for certain  instruments. Please see the deadline given for each product.

Why don't you offer all Chinese musical instruments?
Currently, we focus solely on the instruments in which we have specialist experience. We know and work with the makers and musicians, and are thus able to provide in-depth information and recommendations better suited to your individual needs. Please note: many of these instruments are only available through the pre-order program and will not appear on our regular sales lists. Please don't miss this opportunity to purchase something really special.

Which makers do you import from?
The makers are very important. We don't import all instruments from a single big factory as many music shops do. We import our instruments directly from specialist makers who work closely with Chinese music professors and professional musicians in China.

What is the quality of your instruments?
We have different grades of instruments available. Every grade is at a lower price and of higher quality than equivalent instruments carried by many other stores.

The guqin is a unique instrument which needs to be hand made by specialist craftsmen using special wood, lacquer and a high degree of skill. Most guqins sold in general music stores, even in China, are virtually unplayable and are suitable only for hanging on the wall for decoration. Professional qin players never buy such instruments or recommend them to their students. We carry a wide range of guqins made by specialist qin makers, all of whom are who are supervised by professional guqin players. We also have professional guqin players and masters select qins for us, such as Li Xiangting, Gong Yi, Lin Youren, Mei Yueqiang, Wang Fei etc. We are the only supplier in the US that carries guqins certified by the North American Guqin Association.

Our professional guzhengs have received many China national awards such as the "Provincial Science and Technology Award" in 1998 and the "First Gold Roll of Science and Technology Prize of the State Labor Department of China". They have entries in the "Encyclopedia of Chinese Achievements  in Science and Technology" and the "Dictionary of Famous, Special and Excellent Products of Modern China". 

Our erhus are based on a patent filed by two erhu masters, Professor Chen Zhe at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and Professor Zhao Yangchen at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music. Their main feature is an improvement in the high pitch register. This patent was well received by the China Culture Department and the National Technology Committee. 

Dizi and xiao
You will not see our xiaos and dizis in any music store. The makers normally deliver these products directly to professional players (such as master Wang Tiechui, Dai Ya, Zhang Weiliang etc.) and their students.

The konghou is rarely seen on the market. Our konghou is based on a patent by top konghou master Cui Junzhi. To see a picture of our konghou, click here.

How will I know I am getting a selected guqin?
You will receive a certificate bearing the name and signature of the selector and the seal of the North American Guqin Association.

What is pre-order?
You order an individual instrument and pay for it in advance. We will import in bulk from our makers in China. You will receive your instrument 10-12 weeks later. In this way you can get it at a wholesale price of up to 60% off the normal retail price. 

How much do I need to pay in advance?
You have to pay the full amount listed in the pre-order section in order to get the pre-order prices. This is because we have to pay our makers and import costs. If you do not wish to pay in advance, you have to pay the retail prices when the products are in stock.

Are they the same level instruments you sold last year? Why have the prices been reduced? 
The prices depend on the quantity of items imported, import fees etc. They are the same level instruments we always sell. This time we have placed a larger order with our makers and they will all be sent to us in one shipment. So the prices are lower than before. We can not guarantee to be able to offer these low prices again.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express etc. through Paypal, the fastest and safest online payment provider. Please click on the button when you order the products online and pay from there. If you are not comfortable using Paypal, you can send a money order or cashier check to us. If you choose to pay in this way, please email us the product names and Sku number. We will create an order number for you and give you payment instructions. 

Do you do business with international buyers?
Yes, we do. Please email us the product names and Sku numbers. We will create an order number for you and give you payment instructions. The "add to cart" buttons are for buyers in the USA only.

Do you carry CDs, books and tutorial material? Are VCDs and Books in Chinese or English?
Yes. We have the largest selection of Chinese music material for sale online. Please visit it by clicking here.

Books are in simplified Chinese and VCDs are taught in Mandarin. We have not found any English versions of these materials. However video CDs are easy to understand because you can see demonstrations of the material being taught.

When I can receive my order?
It will take 4-6 weeksto import all the instruments from China. Then we will ship to you by whichever method you prefer. 

Do you offer any insurance on my order?
The carrier will provide insurance at extra cost. If you require this, we will add it to your shipping charge. Please write to us to request the insurance . Our staff and professional musicians will check the products carefully before we send them out. If a package arrives damaged please use your tracking number to contact the carrier. 

Do you offer any warranty?
All products are sold AS IS. We cannot offer any warranty and we cannot accept any responsibility for problems that occur after an item has been delivered.

We are a small company formed by a group of musicians. We are experts at selecting good instruments but we are currently not in a position to provide any after-sales service. We offer low prices to our customers (mainly wholesalers, music teachers and our own students) on the basis that there is no warranty or return service. We may consider offering such a service in the future, but this would increase prices substantially.

Musical instruments are inherently fragile. They can be damaged by the carrier, by inappropriate use, by poor user maintenance and by changes in humidity and temperature. We ensure an instrument is in perfect condition when we ship it out, but we have no control over what happens after that. We strongly recommend that you use the carrier¡¯s insurance for shipping. Once you receive your instrument, it is your responsibility to look after it properly, and to follow our guidelines for the care of instruments. We cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur after shipping. In common with other suppliers of such instruments, we DO NOT take back damaged goods. If an item arrives damaged you must contact the shipping company at once. We will of course be happy to provide all the shipping details you need to file a claim.

What is your return policy?
Please see our policy statement.

We are proud to provide you with high quality Chinese musical instruments at low prices. We hope you will enjoy them.
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