Annie with Richard Parsons, chairman and CEO of Time Warner, Inc.

Annie with Jerry Yang, co-founder of at the Temple of Heaven

cocktail party at the Temple of Heaven

Annie with Meg Whitman at the Diaoyutai State House

Annie with friend Peggy Yu, CEO of at the cocktail party at the Temple of Heaven

With Richard Edelman, president of Edelman Public Relations.

His Exellency President Hu Jintao invited participates to dinner at the Great Hall of People

Annie with governor of Macau, Mr. Ho at the Great Hall of People

With director Lu Chuan (Movie: Kekexili) at the Culture Round Table

Annie with Fortune Editor Rick Kirkland

Annie with Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing

Annie with Ze Peiyan, Chinese vice premier and her friend Xie Qihua, chairwoman of Baosteel, a Shanghai-based Fortune 500 company

Annie with Charles Zhang, chairman of

left: Terry Kuo, CEO of Foxconn, the richest man in Taiwan, right: Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL,

Annie with her fashinon designer friend Vivienne Tam

Annie with Olympic Games' champions

Annie interviewed John Manzor, international president of Walmart

Mrs. and Mr. Jim Turley, chairman of Ernest & Young, Annie and Dr. William Haseltine, at the Gate of Heavenly Peace