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In China I was an editor at the prestigious Guang Ming Daily, the second largest national newspapers and have received quite a few Chinese national honors in the field of journalism. I am also a writer who have published several books about my life as a journalist, my views on American journalism. Furthermore, I have a long history of achievements in the field of traditional Chinese culture. I play two Chinese music instruments, particularly the Guqin(Chinese Zither) which is the oldest stringed instrument with over 3,000 years of history. I have studied the Guqin from Li Xiangting, professor at Central Conservatory of Music, since 1981. I have given many performances and concerts in China, and have broadcasts on the radio. I also do Chinese brush painting and calligraphy and my work was published in newspapers and magazines. I have studied Chinese painting at Chinese Painting Research Institute for many years.

Now I am a graduate student in Multimedia Master Program (The first multimedia master program in USA )at California State University, Hayward. I have extensive experience in Internet design, Sound design, Graphic design, Animation, Quicktime movie, MIDI and etc. I am very familiar with HTML(hand code), Javascript, Director, Premiere, Dreamwaver, MS Office, Photoshop, Protool, Overture, Vision, MasterTracks Pro and other computer applications.

My dream is to set up a China culture net to promote Chinese culture. People in the world who are interested in Chinese culture can find their interests here. For example Chinese books, music, opera, health and so on. To edit such a "newspaper" can better express and complement my journalistic and artistic abilities. I think a knowledge of multimedia will enable me to carry out my dream, and help me to advance people's understanding of China's long culture and history.

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