The Wang Sisters, who grew up in an elitist intellectual family in China and educated the West are all musicians, painters and published authors.  They have given concerts, art exhibitions and speeches, published books, won awards internationally. 

In some way, they are role models in China and many Chinese parents wish their kids to be like them.  However, their lives are still a mystery to many people.  When many young Chinese women their ages  have turned into wives and mothers, they continue their yuppie yet at the same time seemingly experimental lifestyle.  The Three Wang Sisters admit that they are no stereotypical obedient little Chinese girls; their novelty and independence make them troublemakers from time to time. 

In 1990, the Three Wang Sisters with their visiting painter friend from Guilin, wearing sexy silk pajamas, funky Peking Opera costumes and psychedelic tie-dyed T-shirts, with feather fans in hand,  showed up at some male dormitories during the 11th Asian Olympic Game, flirting with single men.  At that time, China was returning to its conservative political policies and social norms, the Three Wang Sisters tried to make a joke with the society.  Ma Licheng, author of the well-known books Confrontations (Jiao Feng) and Crying Out (Hu Han) was able to photograph the interesting scene.

Another time, the Three Wang Sisters decided to give men a chance to cook. At the party, their male friends ( musicians, journalists, authors, photographers, entrepreneurs from China, Italy, England, France, Japan and others countries)  wore braids  to cook when the women all dressed up sitting there and  talking about literature and art. 

In 1997, the Wang Sisters organized a fashion show in Beijing.  Models in the costumes of different dynasties danced modern dance along with traditional Chinese music being played and ancient Chinese poems being recited.  It was an expensive show, yet the Wang Sisters insisted only a selective group of audience was invited.  Their agent had to quit because the Wang Sisters cared only their dreams and not money making. 

One time, the little sister Annie took her English friend John Wood to her home for a hot pot dinner.  Knowing John Wood was into environmental issues, the Wang Sisters told him the meat he had eaten was Panda meat (it was rabbit meat indeed).  You don't want to know what had happened later to the poor 19-year-old John Wood from a farm in Northern England.

In 1992, the Three Sisters attended an important conference of literature. Many important and self-important officials and hypocrites stayed in the hotel, giving tedious speeches for the conference. The three sisters pretended to be call girls at night to call those officials and hypocrites, only finding out that they were not as conservative as they appeared to be.

If one day, you see three Chinese women each wear a mask, sitting in a dark room, when being interviewed by China's Dan Rather, they must be Three Wang Sisters.

If a man wins the friendship of all three sisters, he would receive the honor of being braided by them.



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