Located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, the Chinese Culture Net company was founded in 1997 by three young idealistic women -- the Wang Sisters, Wei Wang, Fei Wang, and Rui Wang, a.k.a. Annie Wang.  the Wang sisters grew up in a cultured family of Beijing and were educated in the west.  They are authors, painters, musicians, multimedia producers and world travelers. More stories click here...

    Wei Wang, the eldest, is a green tea drinker, a graduate of the Central Academy of Drama, a collector of ancient apparel, stones and jewelry, author of the novella the Sweet Torture, a scholar of Red Chambers and Qing Dynasty poet, Nanlan xingde, and a veteran broadcasting producer.  She is quiet and fond of ancient poems and music, which has won her the nickname of "the Classic Wang."  But her two younger sisters know their older sister is meek outside, but wild inside.

    Fei Wang, the middle sister, a former high-profiled Beijing journalist, a professional zither player and instructor, a kun opera singer, and currently an internet-savvy geek and a multimedia producer in a Silicon Valley, loves chic clothes, high fashion, modern dance, stocks, and 3-D technology. She is both talkative and quiet. Her nickname is "the Modern Wang." 

    Annie Wang, the youngest, a graduate from Cal-Berkeley, is a young bestselling author and a
spokesperson of the young generation in China.  She has written five books in Chinese.  Her English novel Lili has been published by Pantheon Books, Summer 2001. The book will be published in Europe in 2002. Annie's ability to write in both Chinese and English has impressed both Chinese and American publishers. She is also a good tennis player and a sophisticated traveler.  Her passion for avant garde art, experimental dramas, primitive and abstract paintings, minority tribal cultures, African drums, hip-pop, and Western psychology has won her the nickname, "The Future Wang."

    CCN is an effort to combine the classic, modern and future into one body. CCN's mission is to conquer the communication barrier between the east and west and introduce Chinese culture to the world.  Our services include:

*promote Chinese music (especially Guqin), literature (especially women literature) and art by organizing concerts, book exhibits, book clubs, seminars, etc.
* provide translation/interpretation service: computer, IT, localization, business, court, legal,  and literature. (on-site, voice over and remote), and offer language lessons.
*provide consulting service related to Chinese culture, people, business, help you find contacts, networks, and guanxi in business, assist you interpret Chinese society and the delicacy in Chinese customs
*introduce interesting people, send out information, create a community and build comradery for people who are interested in China
*recommend good books, interesting events

Yes! I am interested in China and Chinese people. This is the right place for me! Count me in as a CCN's friend so that I can receive info from you!

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