By Annie R. Wang

Pantheon Books has successfully published Ha Jin's awarding-winning novel Waiting  and Anchee Min's Red Azalea.  LILI, with editorial director Dan Frank as the editor, is Pantheon's new highlight of a book on China.  It's a remarkable first novel that chronicles the emotional and psychological awakening of a Chinese woman with a tragic past during the turbulent years that led up to Tiananmen.

Media Coverage: 1) International Herald Tribune 2) Kirkus Review  3) Booklist 4) the New Yorker 5) the LA Times

6) Publishers' Weekly 7) Library Journal 8) the Seattle Times 9) WorldNet Daily 10) Singtao Daily (Chinese) 11) World Journal (Chinese)

White Snake

by Yan Geling & Lawrence Walker

This collection of five stories and a novella describes life in China during the Cultural Revolution. Focusing on
personal relationships and showing how they were  affected by the political upheavals and social pressures                     of the time, Geling Yan presents a series of often tragic
tales, beautifully balancing irony and intense emotion. The collection includes "Celestial Bath," the basis for
Joan Chen's award-winning film "Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl." 


By Ha Jin

Like a Russian classic!  Ha Jin has won many literary awards by writing stories of China.

Becoming Madam Mao

By Anchee Min

It is a historical novel, dreamlike. Madam Mao, the white boned devil,  has never been written like this. 


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