North American Guqin Association Consultants :

Chen Changlin

Chen Changlin, Professor at the Chinese Academy of Science, Standing Council Member of the China Guqin Society, Council Member of the Beijing Guqin Research Association and advisor to the North America Guqin Association, is from Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China.

Chen started to play the qin in 1946 at an early age with his father Chen Qinqu and his aunt Wu Zimei. In 1951, he joined the Shanghai Jin Yu Qin Society, and in 1956 joined the Beijing Guqin Research Association, learning to play under the guidance of Zha Fuxi, Wu Jinglue, Zhang Ziqian, all of them famous qin players, and formed his own style based on the the Min school by absorbing the strong points of all the different schools he had studied.

From 1958 to 2002, he has deciphered (dapu) the notation for "Eighteen Parts of the Barbarian Pipe" and more than fifty five other pieces. Since 1957 he has written some 20 articles on qin music. He has attended many qin concerts and academic meetings both at home and abroad. For example: he was invited to attend the "Guqin Masters Meeting in Xiang-Jiang" as part of the the 13th Festival of Asian Arts in Hongkong in 1990; he was invited to attend a qin concert and an academic exchange of qin art at the Chinese Traditional Art Festival in Taiwan in 1996; he was invited to give qin concerts at two institutes of music in the USA in 1999.

CCTV and Hebei TV have both broadcast special programs which introduced Chen's research and promoted works in guqin art. HUGO Productions Ltd published Chen's Qin special CD "Min (Fujian) River Qin Music" (Min Jiang Qin Yun) in 1996.



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