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Guqin Education

Group Lessons


4 Day Intensive guqin class with Wang Fei(Beginers)

Guqin Music and Poetry Classes (qin playing and singing)琴诗琴歌与琴话(Every Sunday)

5 weeks Intensive guqin class with Wang Fei
(please email)

10 week course of guqin group lessons (qin playing)

The Appreciation of Chinese Culture through Chinese Guqin music(qin study)

Private lessons

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, any age, please email to

Guqin Cultural Tour+Class in China


  • We provide Guqin Lessons in USA. Wang Fei, the director of North American Guqin Association will teach private guqin lessons and group lessons. The consultants of North American Guqin Association will do instruction when they visit to USA.

    ·       Private Lessons Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, any age

    ·       Group Lessons All levels and ages, various class sizes

    ·       Lecture-demonstrations and seminars for colleges and schools

  • We have professional instruments for sale and rent.

NAGA is available for:


·       Concerts

·       Recordings

·       Background Music for Events

For booking,recording and lessones, please contact us:

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