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Summer is here. Would you like to enjoy guqin music in a natural environment? NAGA hopes to organize several outings for its members to enjoy the beauty of nature in addition to guqin music and the company of friends. We can hike, walk, talk, have BBQ, take photos and shoot videos, etc. in natural surroundings. Afterwards, when we are tired, we can sit down and play the qin, chat about the qin, meet qin friends face to face instead of online, listen to qin music by different players, probably from different teachers or schools, play instruments made by various qin makers, and exchange information on the qin. After months of indoor venues we are taking to the roads and hills of California for a change of scenery. This summer we plan to hold our yaji-gatherings at the Lotus Gardens, the Japanese Gardens, the Giant Bamboo grove, etc, experiencing ancient Chinese scholarly life amid our busy, modern Western culture.

To see the report of NAGA's last event, a highly successful celebration of Chinese Cultural Heritage Day, go to:

Saturday July 8th ĘC Lotus Gardens in Modesto

The first of this kind of event is a trip on July 8th to the Lotus Gardens in Modesto (one and a half hours from the East and South Bay Areas). This will be an opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the grounds of this picturesque property, take pictures, and play the qin. The lotus is an integral feature of Chinese culture and has been widely celebrated in Chinese literature and painting. You may wish to bring poems about the lotus or plan on playing a piece with a lotus theme. For photos of the gardens go to:

The morning is the best time to catch the lotus blossoms when they are open so some of you may want an earlier start. Most of us will be leaving the Bay Area around noon, and we will have our yaji in the middle of the afternoon. We might go to visit the town of Modesto afterwards. So that we can get an idea of how many people will be making the trip, please RSVP to Fred at or (831) 338-2488. Anyone interested in carpooling can contact Wenyu at or (415) 290-3840.

For more info and for directions go to the Lotus Gardens website at

Saturday July 22nd ĘC Japanese Gardens in Hayward

For our next yaji we will once again be returning to the lush, contemplative setting of the Hayward Japanese Gardens, with its exquisite greenery where we can enjoy the summer among elegantly shaped trees and a carp-filled pool into which a waterfall flows. There are several shady pavilions, in which people will set up their instruments and play.The yajis that we held there last summer were very popular. Please see last year's yaji report at and photo album at

This is an opportunity to mingle with the local qin community in a casual and beautiful atmosphere. There is no set program, and we encourage NAGA members and the interested public to take full advantage of the setting to wander, take photos, find a quiet spot for meditation, create good conversation, and, of course, play and listen to the qin. There are benches in the pavilions but no tables and chairs, so PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN QIN TABLE AND CHAIR.

The qin gathering is open to anyone interested in guqin music. Players of other instruments are especially welcome. This day will be a good opportunity to do some ensemble practicing and creative collaboration.

Time: 2:00 ĘC 4:00 pm, Saturday July 22nd

Place: Hayward Japanese Gardens

22373 N 3rd St (x Crescent)

Hayward, CA

Please click here for directions

After the yaji we will gather for dinner. Place TBA. Please RSVP to Fred Pohlmann.

If you have any questions, please contact Fred at 831-338-2488 or email him at

Other summer events will be coming up very soon. Please keep an eye on our news updates. If you have any good places for suggestions, please let us know.

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