North American Guqin Association

Collection of articles by NAGA, 2006 (main text in Chinese)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to NAGA
  2. Wang Fei's biography
  3. NAGA and myself ¨C by Wang Fei
  4. ¡°Listening to the Guqin¡± series:
    1. What is the guqin?
    2. Cai Wenji and ¡°Hujia Shiba Pai¡± (Eighteen Stanzas on the Barbarian Pipe)
    3. Multi-lingual singing of ¡°Zi Ye Wu Ge¡± (Midnight Song from Wu)
    4. Taiji vs. guqin improvisation ¨C How to appreciate the blending of guqin music and other forms of art
    5. Who are the guqin music enthusiasts?
    6. Does the guqin need a non-Chinese audience?
  5. New approaches to drawing an audience ¨C The Lotus Gardens yaji
  6. NAGA's celebration event for Chinese Cultural Heritage Day ¨C reported by the People's Daily online news
  7. Chinese and US media coverage of NAGA's recent activities

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