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NAGA Guqin Events for January 2007

ˇ°Qin on the Wheelsˇ± ¨C a Journey to Southern California

The guqin is a world heritage tradition but is rarely seen even in China. There are only a handful of professional quality performers in the world, and they seldom tour.

In conjunction with the guqin recital ˇ°An Evening of Guqin Music with Wang Feiˇ± at UC Santa Barbara and a series of lectures at UCLA and UCSB, NAGA is to form a crew and hold a ˇ°Qin on the Wheelsˇ± trip from January 16th - 19th (and it may be extended to January 22nd), to introduce the qin and meet qin friends in Southern California.

Wang Fei has been professionally trained in literature, music and art since childhood and has studied with several masters in these fields. She is an international award winning artist, published writer, and accomplished musician who has toured internationally.

Not only is she one of the few scholars who have truly mastered the qin and who can bring qin music to a wider audience, she is also one of the few qin performers who still maintain the qin in the traditional way as a scholarly art. Her elegant, graceful and peaceful style brings to her audiences the feeling of reading poems and enjoying Chinese landscape paintings when they listen to her qin playing.

This is not only a rare opportunity for Southern California qin friends to experience a concert caliber performance by an exceptionally talented player, but also a very good opportunity for NAGA members from Northern California to meet their counterparts in Southern Cal ifornia. In this trip we will feature a gathering with guqin and pipa player Lu Peiyuan in LA.

In this solo guqin concert,she will perform a variety of guqin pieces from different schools and styles. The program includes pieces associated with stories from different periods of Chinese history and references such famous figures as Confucius and Cai Wenji.

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Major activities

  1. Guqin yaji in LA 16th or 17th
  2. Guqin lecture at UCLA 17th
  3. Guqin lecture at UCSB 18th
  4. ˇ°An Evening of Guqin Music with Wang Feiˇ± solo concert at UCSB 18th
  5. Other activates, TBA


There is a registration fee of $50 which includes a ticket concert, a gift audio CD (containing some of Wang Fei's qin recordings), and a gift music video DVD. The proceeds will help to fund NAGA's ongoing activities as a nonprofit organization devoted to the art of the guqin.

Participants will be responsible for all of their own expenses and shared common service fees (if any) related to these outings.

Who can sign up?

1.     Qin friends from Northern California. We aim to make this another NAGA successful outing, both enjoying the music and experiencing the ancient Chinese way of living, carrying our qins to visit our friends and meet our soul mates.

2.     Local qin friends in Southern California who want to hear a live qin concert and meet qin friends from different places and from different qin schools and qin teachers.

How to sign up

Please email wenyujiang at, or call 415-290-3840. We will create an internal discussion list. The place and time are TBA and will be communicated after you sign up.


It is essential that participants sign up no later than January 12th.

Notes for attendees

1.     Participants must be NAGA members (if you are on the list then you are a member). It is never late to join, please fill out the form and subscribe free of charge

2.     NAGA only provides information and makes connections if needed. We cannot accept any liability or provide any additional service, whether or not it is related to this tour.

3.     Since numbers are limited, NAGA reserves the right to select or reject attendees, should the number of applicants exceed the number of available places.

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