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NAGA Guqin Master Classes series 2

with Professor Li Xiangting

February 11 th,2005

The second in the series of guqin master classes took place on February 11 th. In this session, we did continue our study of guqin learning and technique. Professor Li Xiangting gave talks on:

• “Reflective summary of guqin learning” ( tan qin luyao).

• Guqin dapu (recovering guqin pieces from old scores)

• Guqin improvisation.

4.    Basic right and left hand techniques.

5.    How to play Guanshan Yue, Yang Guan Sandie and other pieces. Every participant who so wishes will have the opportunity to play and get advice from Professor Li.

As it was Chinese New Year, we hope the atmosphere would relaxed and convivial. We drunk Chinese tea together as we listened to the master's lecture and talk about the beauty of guqin music with qin friends from various countries and states, united by our passion for guqin music. This was a beautiful Chinese New Year gathering, especially for those whose families are far away.

The report will coming soon.

Prof. Li Xiangting & Students

Jim Binkley

Prof. Li Xiangting & Bonnie

Prof. Li Xiangting & Josh

Prof. Li Xiangting & Students

Prof. Li Xiangting & Students Weiran etc.

Prof. Li Xiangting & Students Kwan etc.

Prof. Li Xiangting & Students Pat etc.

DSC02153.JPGProf. Li Xiangting& David

Prof. Li Xiangting& Eileen

Prof. Li Xiangting& Elizabeth

Prof. Li Xiangting & Students

Prof. Li Xiangting & Alice

Wang-Fei & Josh


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