North American Guqin Association

Invitation to an online guqin gathering

Dear Qin Friends:

The North American Guqin Association (NAGA) will hold an online guqin gathering (yaji) on:


Saturday, December 18th at 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time, 

Saturday, December 18th 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time,

Sunday, December 19th 11:00pm GMT,

Sunday, December 19th 7:00am Beijing time.


Qin players from different countries and different schools, who learned from different teachers, can discuss qin, play qin, hear qin music, exchange information and meet other qin aficionados. 


The agenda will be as follows:


1.      Introductions

2.      NAGA's activities in 2004 (Wang Fei)

3.      guqin news from Wang Fei's recent trip to China (Wang Fei)

4.      What everyone has done guqin-wise in 2004

5.      NAGA's plans for 2005 (Wang Fei)

6.      Guqin playing by attendees.


Please tell the event moderator Julian Joseph which piece you intend to play (not more than about 4 minutes long). Email him at by December 16th so that we can include it in our program.


Please note: Because of the limitations of Yahoo Messenger, we cannot use webcam and voice at the same time, so we shall use voice only.


How to join:


1.      We will use Yahoo Messenger as we did last time. Although it is not the best or most popular piece of software for the purpose, we have used it before and know it will work, and it is available free of charge.

If you do not already have
Yahoo Messenger, you need to:

a.     Download it from

b.     Set up your Yahoo identity (i.e. screen name and password). To do this, follow the on-screen instructions.

2.      This event is free of charge to the public but priority to approved NAGA members (who also receive this same email from non-members receive this email through our mailing list( If you would like to apply for NAGA membership, please register at and fill out in full the form at so you won't miss many valuable information. If you are not on our mailing list, our database will filter you out of the event.

3.      Add your screen name to our event ID: onlineguqingathering. Alternatively, email us and we will add it for you. This needs to be done by December 17th so we can add you to the group list for the event.

4.      You will need to plug a microphone into your computer's sound card in order to speak and play, but if you don't have one you can still listen and type.


Anybody who is interested in qin is welcome to join us.  We look forward to meeting qin friends online.

Thank you.

Wang Fei


North American Guqin Association


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