North American Guqin Association

Scholarly arts of China

with Li Xiangting and Wang Fei

February 3rd -27 th, Asian Art Museum

Chinese painting, calligraphy, xiao, guqin and guzheng demonstrations

In Imperial China, a well educated scholar was expected to be skilled in four arts:

 Qin (the guqin)

 Qi (the game of Go)

 Shu (calligraphy) and

 Hua (painting).

To Celebrate the Chinese New Year, NAGA and the Asian Art Museum will co-sponsor a presentation of the Scholarly Arts of China. Professor Li will present painting, calligraphy, xiao (Chinese vertical bamboo flute) and guqin (Chinese 7 string zither) demonstrations from February 3 rd through February 13 th . Wang Fei will present Chinese zithers ( guqin and guzheng ) demonstrations from February 17 th through February 27 th . For more information, please visit .


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