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Online Guqin Concert

July,9th, 2002, Beijing
Some photos took and provided by Peng Bo and Shi Jiangmin, photographer and reporter of the People Daily

Director and Manager of

Wang Wei(L) Jiang Jiaqiang(m), Wang Fei(R)

Chen Changlin (R) and Jim Binkley(L)

Wang Fei & Reporter

Wang Fei & Editor

Wang Tiechui & Wang Fei

Xu Jian

Jiang Jia Qiang & Wang Fei

Wang Fei & Yang Wujun

Wang Fei & Hoster


Jim & Wang Fei

Chen Changlin

Wang Fei

Wang Fei

Wu Zhao & Wang Fei

Xu Jian & Li Xiangting


Wang Fei & Translator

Jim Binkley

Xu Jian & Wang Fei

Li Xiangting

Li Xiangting & Wang Fei

Wang Chen & All

Wu Zhao

Wang Chen & Wang Fei

Translator & Wang Fei

Wang Wei & Wang Tiechui



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