In our desire to build a web quest for people interested in learning more
about Chinese culture, the following site has been created as a resource for
those interested in learning the fundamental concepts and ideas associated
with communicating in basic Chinese and provides a brief look at Chinese

The following reasons were key in our decision to develop a web quest:

1.China has a long history and culture influence to other culture therefore
making it easier to create connections between themselves and other cultures
based on their knowledge of Chinese history and culture.

2.We are in a multicultural central region, California with a large Chinese
population here. Is important that we figure out a way to erase the cultural
conflicts, and work to create a country in which all demonstrate a real
concern for our country and each other. To do this, certainly, mutual
understanding of other cultures is key. After this lesson, you will feelmore
comfortable in your ability to socialize in Chinese.

3.Since China's open door policy and China's joining the WTO in 2001
they will host the 2008 Olympics. This opportunity will allow Chinato
become an economic hot spot in this century. After our web quest study,we
hope you will take more of an active interest in business in China.