We will use interactive technology to help you learn Chinese Culture.

1. Learn to speak Chinese. We will use voice over technology to
teach you basic Chinese conversation and sayings. Since it is online,you can
use any browser you choose to participate in whatever learning environment is
comfortable for you and at the level that is suitable for you.

2. We will offer you ebook which allows you to read Chinese culture,
history, and social interactions by categories. You can do search by
categories, topics or keywords and etc.

3. We will use streaming video technology and show you the video
clips of various scenes in China. We hope to give you a more accurate
picture of people through video clips of the home, work environments,
schools, famous Chinese sites for visitors, food, music and ordinary Chinese
people's lives.

4. We will set up an audio and video capable chat room and a forum,
so you can find a Chinese partner to engage in actual conversations with
others who are native Chinese speakers or those who may be studying Chinese for the first time as well. This will provide the opportunity to talk face to face and trade language ideas and experiences.