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NAGA Guqin Event

A Journey into China 's Cultural Heritage

Fremont Library , December 16th, 2006

A Musical & Multimedia Presentation



Dear qin friends,

Year's end is a good time for friends to get together and share their experiences during the past year. Join us on Saturday December 16th at 2:00 at the Fremont Main Library for our qin gathering finale of 2006. At this yaji we will do presentations and show slides and videos of NAGA's recent trip to China. NAGA's delegation was well received in China. A report with photos will be available very soon. We met many excellent qin players, qin makers, qin scholars, and qin aficionados. Our program will also be an excellent chance to take stock of the state of the guqin in the world today. We will share some of the ideas expressed in the conferences we attended, as well as some of the new trends in the qin communities of China. As a group we toured beautiful locations in China, such as Jiuzhaigou, Emeishan, Leshan, and Taishan. We will show pictures and talk about these experiences.

The program will also feature as guest speaker, Les Stuck, an internationally known composer of electronic music who recent collaborated with Wang Fei to produce a guqin multimedia DVD ※Ou Lu Wang Ji§ (Without Ulterior Motives) using visual effects to interpret guqin music. One is able ※to listen, to watch and to feel§ while enjoying the DVD, fostering a truly multi-sensory experience. He will talk about music creation as a collaboration between East and West and as a union of the ancient and the modern.

Entrance to the Yaji is free. However, NAGA welcomes donations. For those wishing to donate, NAGA will have some very nice gifts available at the yaji.

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These NAGA productions received high praise at both the Beijing guqin conference and the Qionglai international guqin festival. They are only available through NAGA. NAGA wishes to thank Wang Fei, Professor Li Xiangting, Professor Wang Yongan, and Les Stuck for donating their copyright to this enterprise. NAGA also wishes to thank Jiang Wenyu for duplicating and packaging these materials.

If anyone wants to purchase any of these items, they are also available through our online service at We charge a flat $5.00 fee for shipping and handling within the US and $10 for international addresses. Please send inquiries to

Agenda:  1:00 - 2:00 pm Setup and social networking (the first five people to arrive will receive a free copy of the Qin Qi Shu Hua newspaper)

2:00 每 2:30 Wang Fei, ※NAGA's Guqin and Cultural Heritage Tour§

2:30 每 2:45 Les Stuck, electronic music demonstration

2:45 每 3:00 Wenyu Jiang, ※From Typical Silicon Valley Engineer to Guqin Player§

3:00 每 3:15 Fred Pohlmann, ※Poets and Mountains: Memorial sites of Du Fu, Xue Tao, Li Qingzhao and the Climbing of Taishan§

3:15 每 3:30 Dr. Sanford Tom, video clips of the Qionglai international guqin festival, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan, and Emeishan


3:45- 4:30 Guqin yaji

Place:  Fremont Main Library

Fukaya A Room (turn right at main entrance)

2400 Stevenson Blvd. (at Civic Center Drive)

Fremont, CA

please click for directions

If you have any questions, please contact Fred Pohlmann at 831-338-2488 or email him at

Looking forward to seeing you on the December 16th.


North American Guqin Association




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